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This Vegetable Salad is not just ordinary Salad. Its made out of garden-fresh ripe vegetables that are full of flavors, and my dad is the one who thought of this perfect combination! He flew from East Coast for my sister’s wedding this summer, and we had some great time exploring our beautiful Northwest outdoors, as well… Continue reading »


Salads are at their best in summer months. While we eat them year-round, flavors are at their peak during the summer, when greens and other salad ingredients come fresh from the garden to the table.   A variety of fresh greens are the basis of any leafy salad. Mild greens such as baby spinach, romaine, iceberg,… Continue reading »


This Potato Salad is very popular among Slavic people. It is a traditional dish in Russian cuisine. No holiday or gathering wouldn’t be the same without this salad. In Russia and Ukraine its called “Olivye”.  It appears, that the original version of this salad was invented by Belgian Lucien Olivier, and included veal tongue, caviar,… Continue reading »


Salads are great for serving all year round. Most are quick and easy to make and take little or no cooking. This tempting variety of color and texture full of vitamins salad is a Slavic version of Coleslaw. This is the best Coleslaw recipe yet. Ingredients: 1 small  head green cabbage 1 small head red cabbage 2 large carrots 1 or 2 large green… Continue reading »