Summer is almost here! We get more and more sunny days, and as the rule, kids ask for popsicles and ice cream more often. To avoid buying popsicles with artificial colors and flavors, I make my own. Possibilities are endless. I still have a lot of frozen berries, which have to go, so I can… Continue reading »

Baked Chicken Drumsticks

  This recipe is another example of a perfectly perfect easy and wallet-friendly family dinner. Whether you call them chicken drumsticks or chicken legs, you can be sure that it’s everybody’s favorite. These baked chicken drumsticks are juicy and delicious.  I cook for the family of five, and we appreciate leftovers (if there are any),… Continue reading »

Caesar Dressing

If you buy bottled salad dressings from the store, you’re seriously missing out! Not only homemade dressings are super easy to whip, but they also taste so much better! No store-bought dressing can compare to homemade stuff with fresh garlic, freshly squeezed lemon juice, fresh ground pepper. You don’t need any special tools to make… Continue reading »


When you hear “Green Salad” you’re probably thinking lettuce, spinach, avocados… Today,  I’m introducing  Green Onions Salad. I especially love making this salad for my kids. They devour it without picking green onions out. This salad is so fresh, so tasty, and filling. I can easily have it for lunch as is or top my toast with it… Continue reading »


Chocolate Salami is a classic No-Bake treat. It is named “Salami” because it really does look like one. I remember making it when I was a child, because it’s one of the easiest desserts to make. So here it is, healthier version of “classic”, no butter, no eggs, vegan and gluten-free Chocolate Salami!


Spring is that time of the year when everybody is so tired of winter, so ready for sunny days, so excited to get out of the house. All nature is awakening, and first blooms make their debut. I love all the seasons, but lately, spring feels so magical, so exciting, so renewing. The air is… Continue reading »


I was so excited when I found a video on facebook  showing how to dye brown eggs using natural ingredients. I decided to give it a try and it worked! Not exactly how the video suggested, but it worked. So if you’re up to dying some eggs, and don’t like using artificial dyes, this post is… Continue reading »


The egg is a remarkable culinary ingredient, never out of season, economical, and treasured by all the great cuisines of the world. Cooked in the shell or cracked open into a pan, it makes a near-perfect convenience food. No matter what the method, eggs should always be cooked at moderate to low temperatures. They will become… Continue reading »


  I’m sure that everybody knows how to cook Potatoes, one way or the other. Mashed Potatoes are like comfort food for many people, and everybody does it differently. I’d like to show you how I make Creamy Garlic Mashed Potatoes that are full of flavor and are very delicious. To achieve the best flavor, always… Continue reading »


I don’t know who invented Tiramisu, but whoever did, that person is an absolute genius. This Italian cake is like heaven on earth, out of all cakes, is a pure perfection. It is the most elegant, definitely a special occasion cake. In addition, it requires no baking, and  takes 15 minutes to assemble. If you ever have unexpected… Continue reading »


These Salami Canapés are perfect when it comes to gatherings and parties. They only take minutes to assemble, and also are a great compliment for Italian inspired meal. I made these for my brother-in-law’s birthday party, along with super easy and delicious Tiramisu cake (the recipe is coming up next). My sister made super delicious Lasagna, Zuppa… Continue reading »


  This Baked Cod and Vegetables recipe is so easy! You can use any White Fish in this recipe, but I prefer fresh Atlantic Cod. Cod is very versatile and easy to cook fish. While Tilapia is cheaper and one most consumed fish in United States, its farmed and grown in China. Foreign producers have been… Continue reading »


  Recently, my mom bought fresh pork from a local farmer. She shared it with me. My first reaction was like “What? No, thank you!” “I have no clue how to deal with farm fresh-meat.” You know, when you buy meat at the store, it has a perfect color, its clean, and it looks good, only we forget… Continue reading »


Roses are red, Violets are blue… We love Beets, and you should too! How’s my poetry? All I’m trying to say is that highly nutritious beets are good for you! Due to it’s richness in nutrients, vitamins and minerals, beets have a wide range of health benefits. First of all, beets are very good energy boosters,… Continue reading »


Introducing my take on simple traditional Split Pea Soup. One simple ingredient that I’ve been using takes this soup to the whole new level! – as we all know, soup is one of the most versatile dishes in the cook’s repertoire. In my house, soup served daily for lunch. What can be better than a bowl… Continue reading »