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  I’m sure that everybody knows how to cook Potatoes, one way or the other. Mashed Potatoes are like comfort food for many people, and everybody does it differently. I’d like to show you how I make Creamy Garlic Mashed Potatoes that are full of flavor and are very delicious. To achieve the best flavor, always… Continue reading »


Today, I’d like to share another easy straight forward recipe that might come handy around holiday season. Roasted Potatoes with spices is a  perfect side dish that is definitely deserves a place on your holiday table. I just can’t wait to start preparing for the holiday feast. I love traditional Thanksgiving menu, but I also like… Continue reading »


Brussels Sprouts are at their best from September to May. I love using fresh seasonal veggies in my dishes, so I bought a whole stock of these miniature cabbages, and were experimenting steaming them, and roasting, and found that this recipe is a winner, and definitely a keeper! Its so cool how simple and versatile… Continue reading »


Just in time for Thanksgiving – perfect Cranberry and Apple Sauce! Forget about canned Cranberry Sauce. It might me cheap, but I strongly encourage you to cook with fresh ingredients, and once you do, you’ll never be able to go back to canned, full of preservatives food. Train your taste buds to love good food…. Continue reading »


These potato fritters are absolutely delicious! This is an extremely amazing way to use the leftover mashed potatoes. Leftover makeover, I’d say. Perfect for after party quick lunch idea, or just a snack, these potato fritters are so easy and quick, and just a smart and delicious way to use all the extra mashed potatoes…. Continue reading »


This is probably the easiest recipe that I’ve ever posted here. I like potatoes! I absolutely love baked potatoes! This is a perfect side dish. Plus, potatoes are available all year round, so its a must to learn how to cook it different ways, right? So, always choose smooth, well-shaped, firm potatoes free of blemishes or sprouts. 1… Continue reading »


I grew up eating potatoes a lot. I like it mashed, baked, roasted, you name it. Potatoes are good in soups and salads, as a main course and on the side. Potatoes are available all-year round. When choosing potatoes, look for smooth, well-shaped, firm potatoes free of blemishes or sprouts. For this recipe I prefer to… Continue reading »