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Today, I’d like to share another easy straight forward recipe that might come handy around holiday season. Roasted Potatoes with spices¬†is a ¬†perfect side dish that is definitely deserves a place on your holiday table. I just can’t wait to start preparing for the holiday feast. I love traditional Thanksgiving menu, but I also like… Continue reading »


Just in time for Thanksgiving – perfect Cranberry and Apple Sauce! Forget about canned Cranberry Sauce. It might me cheap, but I strongly encourage you to cook with fresh ingredients, and once you do, you’ll never be able to go back to canned, full of preservatives food. Train your taste buds to love good food…. Continue reading »


Many of you already know what’s going to be on your Thanksgiving table, especially if you’re are hosting a dinner at your place. Well, in case if you’re not certain, I put together Menu ideas that would be ideal for Thanksgiving table. Almost everything here could be done in advance, which will make your job… Continue reading »


Thanksgiving is a very special time for my family. Many years ago, our parents landed in America as immigrants, seeking freedom and hoping for better lives. Leaving behind everything that they had, and starting a new life wasn’t easy. One of the challenging changes, of course, was language barrier, that prevented them from getting good… Continue reading »