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Meringues… delicate and crisp, sweet and delicious. Meringue shaped like mushrooms makes a stunning addition to the cookie tray. I’ve been wanting to make these meringue cookies for a while now, but couldn’t make time. They’re super easy to make, but the baking time adds up to 2 hours. So make sure that you plan… Continue reading »


Time for Christmas Cookies! Now, that my kids are on Christmas break, they’re trying to entertain themselves by making enormous amounts of crafts, and wrapping them, singing Christmas songs, and of course, Christmas wouldn’t be fun without cookies. I like this recipe because its simple enough for the kids to follow, and uses few ingredients that you… Continue reading »


Traditional Italian pizzelle cookie shaped into a cannoli and filled with amazing fluffy cream – holiday season at its best! I must tell you this dessert is a crowd pleaser. Once these cuties enter the room on a platter, everyone just can’t help, but wish it was time for dessert. You can’t go wrong with these…. Continue reading »