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I make fresh fruit salads pretty often, and my kids love them. Usually, in my house, in order for my little people to consume fruits and veggies, I need to come up with something interesting, and presentable, something different rather then just filling up our fruit basket with bananas and kiwis 🙂 In that case no one… Continue reading »



This Honey Cake recipe is the best honey cake recipe yet. Honey Cake is very popular among Slavic people, but just like everything else, it has many variations. For example, I like my Honey Cake with chopped prunes on each cream layer of the honey cake. It is a personal preference, but I tell you… Continue reading »


These Chocolate-Covered Strawberries bring back warm memories of summer. The chocolate itself makes this dessert utterly romantic. A perfect delicious and wholesome treat for your loved ones. Ingredients: 1 package of strawberries 1 cup truffles 1/2 cup white chocolate for decorating (optional, not pictured) Heat water in a saucepan. Place bowl over the saucepan (congratulations, you’ve just created… Continue reading »