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French Omelet is a classic dish of beaten eggs cooked and folded in half for serving. I first tried this kind of omelet on my honeymoon in Hawaii. I was amazed how quickly and effortless the omelet was prepared. The best part about it was that it can be served plain or with any of your… Continue reading »


This is a perfect gelatin dessert for children’s parties. Rainbow Jello is an eye-catching, splash of colors and flavors that little people love. So prepare the gelatin by adding boiling water to gelatin mix. Stir until gelatin crystals completely dissolve. Do not add cold water, like the package instructions mention, instead, add about 2 tablespoons vanilla… Continue reading »


I grew up eating potatoes a lot. I like it mashed, baked, roasted, you name it. Potatoes are good in soups and salads, as a main course and on the side. Potatoes are available all-year round. When choosing potatoes, look for smooth, well-shaped, firm potatoes free of blemishes or sprouts. For this recipe I prefer to… Continue reading »


Lately, I’ve been on a quest for healthy recipes. In my understanding “eating healthy” doesn’t mean you have to be chewing on carrots and broccoli (even though I love carrots dipped in ranch… how about Greek yogurt instead?). So, I’ve learnt, that in addition to eating food in moderation, many ingredients can be easily substituted with… Continue reading »


I make fresh fruit salads pretty often, and my kids love them. Usually, in my house, in order for my little people to consume fruits and veggies, I need to come up with something interesting, and presentable, something different rather then just filling up our fruit basket with bananas and kiwis 🙂 In that case no one… Continue reading »


Where do I begin? We love Buckwheat and you should too! Buckwheat is very nutritious gluten free grain-like seed of a leafy plant related to rhubarb. That’s right, it is neither a cereal, no grass, it is a seed. Buckwheat seeds are rich in starch, proteins, minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, and antioxidants. Speaking… Continue reading »