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  This Quick Marinated Salad is such a lifesaver when it comes to holidays or special occasion dinners. Being able to get as much as possible done ahead of time, gives the opportunity to enjoy holidays and spend more time with people you love. This salad is one of those dishes that you can make… Continue reading »


This is the easiest pickling recipe there is. It requires neither vinegar, nor sterilizing. When my grandma shared this recipe with me, I was a little skeptic about it, but I tried it, and I loved it. Grandma’s pickles have always tasted so good, and appears that the recipe requires so little. I tested this… Continue reading »


My children love applesauce. This year we picked enough apples that we could probably fill up our pantry with applesauce for the year. This applesauce recipe is so easy. Apples – is the only ingredient that you’ll need. I don’t preserve applesauce as we like to eat it right away or use it in recipes…. Continue reading »


  Today, canning and pickling considered as a form of art, as everything we can possibly think of can be bought in stores. There are many reasons why people returning to the crafts and arts of yesteryear. Preserving food was a greatest challenge throughout the years. How nice is to serve your favorite summertime fruits or… Continue reading »