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  French Baguette is a classic long thin loaf of bread. Imagine, a beautiful fall evening, all your family is now home…The bread is in the oven, and its almost time for dinner. The house smells like heaven, and everybody is waiting, when the fresh bread will come out, because there’s nothing better than this… Continue reading »


This is the easiest pickling recipe there is. It requires neither vinegar, nor sterilizing. When my grandma shared this recipe with me, I was a little skeptic about it, but I tried it, and I loved it. Grandma’s pickles have always tasted so good, and appears that the recipe requires so little. I tested this… Continue reading »


Salmon cakes are pan-fried patties that are super moist and tender on the inside, and nice and crusty on the outside. When my family used to live in Ukraine, I remember my parents making this kind of fish patties out of canned fish because we didn’t have access to fresh Salmon as it was very expensive…. Continue reading »