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I first tried Pistachio Gelato in a local Gelato Caffe. This was immediately my favorite flavor, and my favorite spot to get  Ice Cream from. There was a slight problem though. For the family of five we’d pay nearly $30 for small cups. Definitely a special treat! I found myself craving this Pistachio Gelato, and just had to… Continue reading »


Summer is still here and so is Ice Cream season, even though my kids are counting days until school starts. They started a countdown back in July, packed their backpacks, and can’t wait to go back. I on the other hand, enjoy each and every day of beautiful summer weather, which brings us lots of… Continue reading »


Strawberry season is officially here, in Washington state. We were blessed with warm sunny days for the past couple of weeks, and the strawberries are now big, juicy and sweet! Strawberry Sundae is a classic dessert, but everyone has their own special way of putting it together. I absolutely love it with fresh strawberries, almonds… Continue reading »