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Today, I’d like to share another easy straight forward recipe that might come handy around holiday season. Roasted Potatoes with spices is a  perfect side dish that is definitely deserves a place on your holiday table. I just can’t wait to start preparing for the holiday feast. I love traditional Thanksgiving menu, but I also like… Continue reading »


Brussels Sprouts are at their best from September to May. I love using fresh seasonal veggies in my dishes, so I bought a whole stock of these miniature cabbages, and were experimenting steaming them, and roasting, and found that this recipe is a winner, and definitely a keeper! Its so cool how simple and versatile… Continue reading »


This is probably the easiest recipe that I’ve ever posted here. I like potatoes! I absolutely love baked potatoes! This is a perfect side dish. Plus, potatoes are available all year round, so its a must to learn how to cook it different ways, right? So, always choose smooth, well-shaped, firm potatoes free of blemishes or sprouts. 1… Continue reading »


I grew up eating potatoes a lot. I like it mashed, baked, roasted, you name it. Potatoes are good in soups and salads, as a main course and on the side. Potatoes are available all-year round. When choosing potatoes, look for smooth, well-shaped, firm potatoes free of blemishes or sprouts. For this recipe I prefer to… Continue reading »