This Slow Cooker Rotisserie Style Chicken is a “fall off the bone”, tender,  juicy, flavorful, and possibly the best chicken I’ve ever cooked. Also, the easiest meal that I’ve ever put together. I’ve been missing out for so long, because I didn’t have a slow cooker. I didn’t think I needed one, until now. And… Continue reading »

OUR SUMMER IN PICTURES + 10 helpful tips for visiting New York

This post is so overdue, but I decided to share with you our summer memories anyway. Seems like summer is long gone, but looking through the pictures and videos that we’ve captured brings some sort of peace and warmth to my heart. So here it goes. Our summer has started two days before the school year… Continue reading »


  This recipe is another example of a perfectly perfect easy and wallet-friendly family dinner. Whether you call them chicken drumsticks or chicken legs, you can be sure that it’s everybody’s favorite. These baked chicken drumsticks are juicy and delicious.  I cook for the family of five, and we appreciate leftovers (if there are any),… Continue reading »