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This Wheat Berry Pudding is a traditional Ukrainian Christmas dish, also known as Kutia. Ukrainian Orthodox Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus on January 7th. Merry Ukrainian Christmas everyone! :)Traditionally, they would attend overnight church service, and feast on Christmas day, singing carols and eating Kutia.  No Santa Clause on Christmas, and no gifts!  I’ve also read that… Continue reading »


This Vegetable Salad is not just ordinary Salad. Its made out of garden-fresh ripe vegetables that are full of flavors, and my dad is the one who thought of this perfect combination! He flew from East Coast for my sister’s wedding this summer, and we had some great time exploring our beautiful Northwest outdoors, as well… Continue reading »

ZUCCHINI SPREAD (Kabachkovaya Ikra)

Summer is here, my garden is overflowing with vegetables. This is a perfect time for canning, so we can enjoy them later in the year when fresh vegetables are only a memory. Zucchini Spread or Kabachkovaya Ikra is a very traditional Slavic food. There were times in former Soviet Union when the shelves in stores were empty,… Continue reading »


Where do I begin? We love Buckwheat and you should too! Buckwheat is very nutritious gluten free grain-like seed of a leafy plant related to rhubarb. That’s right, it is neither a cereal, no grass, it is a seed. Buckwheat seeds are rich in starch, proteins, minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, and antioxidants. Speaking… Continue reading »