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OUR SUMMER IN PICTURES + 10 helpful tips for visiting New York

This post is so overdue, but I decided to share with you our summer memories anyway. Seems like summer is long gone, but looking through the pictures and videos that we’ve captured brings some sort of peace and warmth to my heart. So here it goes. Our summer has started two days before the school year… Continue reading »


At the end of March we celebrated our daughter’s 9th birthday. When we asked her what she wanted for her birthday, she simply said that she wanted to go on a trip to Seattle. Very often we would drive through Seattle, passing downtown, trying to avoid traffic, and for us, Seattle usually meant shopping, but kids… Continue reading »



Farmer’s Cheese is a crumbly soft white cheese that made on farms in Europe. It is a sort of pressed version of Cottage Cheese, but a lot dryer. Farmer’s cheese  is made by curdling milk with enzyme (found in yogurt or buttermilk), and draining off the whey. Simple as that. Even though Farmer’s Cheese can… Continue reading »