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Spring is that time of the year when everybody is so tired of winter, so ready for sunny days, so excited to get out of the house. All nature is awakening, and first blooms make their debut. I love all the seasons, but lately, spring feels so magical, so exciting, so renewing. The air is filled with aromas, the sky is high and bright, the sun fills me with energy and desire to live and achieve great things. Long awaited bust of vitamin D for us, Washingtonians. 🙂 And even if the sky is cloudy and rainy, the sun rays peak through, and there it is, a beautiful rainbow. This one was absolutely unbelievably amazing. This is a full double rainbow! My mobile camera couldn’t capture the whole beauty of it. I had to stop my car on the way home, and just capture the best I can at that moment. Can’t stop admiring!

Spring/ Vera's Cooking/ Verascooking.com/

Walks in a park became pleasant once again. And the blooms are just so beautiful. I walk and admire, and snap pictures, and breeze….. I love Spring!

Spring/ Vera's Cooking/ Verascooking.com/

After long rainy winter, the kids are happy to be out and about, exploring.

Spring/ Vera's Cooking/ Verascooking.com/

Beginning of Spring is full of events for us. This year in March my husband and I have celebrated our 14th Wedding Anniversary. Oh my, where did the time go? It all seems like yesterday. He got these gorgeous roses for me from local Safeway store. I had to take a picture of such beauty. These are real!

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Then, it was time for Easter. We had a breakfast at home, went to church, and then, had a lunch at my sister’s house. For breakfast I’ve made Berry Parfaits. And my contributions for Easter Lunch were Deviled Eggs, Carrot Salad, Coleslaw, and a delicious Carrot Cake. My Sister prepared a Ham with red currant glaze and Mashed Potatoes.

Easter breakfast/ Vera's Cooking/ Verascooking.com/  Easter Brunch/ Deviled Eggs/ Vera's Cooking/ Verascooking.com/

Easter Brunch/ Carrot Salad/ Vera's Cooking/ Verascooking.com/ Easter Brunch/ Coleslaw/ Vera's Cooking/ Verascooking.com/

Easter Brunch Ideas/ Vera's Cooking/ Verascoking.com/ How to dye brown eggs/ Vera's Cooking/ Verascooking.com/

Easter Brunch/ Carrot Cake/ Vera's Cooking/ Verascooking.com/ Easter Brunch/ Carrot Cake/ Vera's Cooking/ Verascooking.com/

Easter was followed by my daughter’s birthday celebration. I made a Birthday Cake for home celebration. The other cake was ordered at Safeway for both my daughter and her friend who’s birthdays are just few days apart, so we decided to celebrate together, and have a painting party.

Birthday Cake/ Vera's Cooking/ Verascooking.com/ Birthday Cake/ Vera's Cooking/ Verascooking.com/

Selfies and egg hunting.

March 2016 (11 of 84) March 2016 (10 of 84)

Paining Birthday Party in progress.

March 2016 (20 of 84) March 2016 (35 of 84)

March 2016 (41 of 84)

Birthday celebration continued…I’m not sure how common is this, but my girls love sushi. They devoured these rolls and were asking for more.

March 2016 (81 of 84) March 2016 (82 of 84)

Ready for Spring Break!

March 2016 (84 of 84)

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I’ve learnt to enjoy and cherish every moment, the life is passing by so fast. The kids are growing up… Its good to stop and admire. Inhale fresh air, and live today, right now, in the moment. Life is beautiful!

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  1. Olena@iFOODreal

    Don’t you love the wisdom of mid thirties?! LOL. My thoughts are just like yours!!! Life is short, kids growing up, enjoy every moment.
    Your girls are the cutest! Middle one looks like you. They are Ukrainian kids – love variety of food. My boys love sushi too. I am sure we have been looking at same rainbow the other day haha. Enjoy this sunshine.

    1. Vera Post author

      Thank you my friend! I love the fact of not dragging strollers and diaper bags with us anymore. So the life can take us anywhere 🙂 The girls are very outgoing, and love company, and good food. Love this season of my life!

      1. Olena@iFOODreal

        BTW, Happy Birthday to your Angelina!!!
        I agree. As sad as it is that kids are growing up too fast, I am enjoying more freedom. Strollers, diapers and naps…sounds like a horror movie. Your girls sound like my boys and if they can speak English I bet they will get along haha.

        1. Vera Post author

          Thank you so much! English is my kids’ first language. They understand Russian, but their vocabulary is very limited.

    1. Vera Post author

      Thank you Fae! The girls had a time of their lives. I’m so happy to take a break from all the celebrations though. But even on Spring Break, I work to make it fun for my sweethearts. Thankfully, the weather is so good and sunny, means lots of time outdoors 🙂

  2. Tzivia

    Vera beautiful family and lovely colorful cool pix yup spring is definitely in the air it’s ale so amazing and really awesome when the trees and the flowers change into such beautiful colors Passover is almost here for me and definitely gives meaning to celebrate big time

    1. Vera Post author

      Thank you so much! Yes, spring is like a new beginning for everything, definitely worth celebrating!

      1. Tzivia

        Yup ditto exactly out with the cold in with the sun lol btw your girls are so cute and look so very sweet g bless em ur middle one looks just like u still can’t believe it’s April

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