These Salami Canapés are perfect when it comes to gatherings and parties. They only take minutes to assemble, and also are a great compliment for Italian inspired meal. I made these for my brother-in-law’s birthday party, along with super easy and delicious Tiramisu cake (the recipe is coming up next). My sister made super delicious Lasagna, Zuppa… Continue reading »


Introducing my take on simple traditional Split Pea Soup. One simple ingredient that I’ve been using takes this soup to the whole new level! – as we all know, soup is one of the most versatile dishes in the cook’s repertoire. In my house, soup served daily for lunch. What can be better than a bowl… Continue reading »


  These Vietnamese Spring Rolls (Gỏi cuốn) are super easy and quick to make for an Asian-inspired lunch. They are filled with rice noodles, prawns, fresh vegetables, and are very light, yet very filling. Also, my fresh rolls are very kids friendly, with just right amount of heat. I used chili paste in my dressing/dip… Continue reading »


This Wheat Berry Pudding is a traditional Ukrainian Christmas dish, also known as Kutia. Ukrainian Orthodox Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus on January 7th. Merry Ukrainian Christmas everyone! :)Traditionally, they would attend overnight church service, and feast on Christmas day, singing carols and eating Kutia.  No Santa Clause on Christmas, and no gifts!  I’ve also read that… Continue reading »


I first tried Pistachio Gelato in a local Gelato Caffe. This was immediately my favorite flavor, and my favorite spot to get  Ice Cream from. There was a slight problem though. For the family of five we’d pay nearly $30 for small cups. Definitely a special treat! I found myself craving this Pistachio Gelato, and just had to… Continue reading »


  This Curry and Cauliflower Chicken is a perfect comfort food that I crave so much, especially when its cold outside. This clean eating gluten free recipe is now on a regular menu rotation in our house. Its quick, its easy, its comforting, its filling, its guilt free. Between holiday parties and birthday celebrations there… Continue reading »


Biscotti, which means “cooked twice” comes in so many different variations. Today, I’m sharing Almond Biscotti quick and easy recipe that is perfect when it comes to Christmas gift giving or simply filling the jar, and enjoying for days with delicious cup of coffee. Biscotti cookie is so simple, yet delicious and sophisticated. Ingredients: 1 + 3/4… Continue reading »


Today, I’d like to share another easy straight forward recipe that might come handy around holiday season. Roasted Potatoes with spices is a  perfect side dish that is definitely deserves a place on your holiday table. I just can’t wait to start preparing for the holiday feast. I love traditional Thanksgiving menu, but I also like… Continue reading »