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Salads are at their best in summer months. While we eat them year-round, flavors are at their peak during the summer, when greens and other salad ingredients come fresh from the garden to the table.


A variety of fresh greens are the basis of any leafy salad. Mild greens such as baby spinach, romaine, iceberg, butter lettuce and red and green leaf lettuce can be complemented by “strong greens” like arugula and watercress. Topping a salad with fresh herbs such as basil, mint, parsley, cilantro, dill, can also add a nice burst of flavor. Would you like me to post a guide to herbs? I personally love herbs in everything, and use them often.


Romaine -Perfect for summer salads, the crispness of romaine works well in a traditional Caesar, finely sliced in a chopped salad or as part of a summer taco bar.

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Leaf Lettuce – These luscious leaves are beautiful to behold and taste great in salads, on burgers off the grill, or rolled in wraps of all types.

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Sorrel – is a leafy green that resembles spinach. It has a bright and tart flavor. Great to use in soup.

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Kale – is the “queen of greens” . Its great for using in baking, steaming, juicing, salads, and is just a real nutritional powerhouse.

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Arugula – Also known as rocket, this spicy green is a delicious and healthy addition to any mixed salad and makes a wonderful pesto alternative to basil.

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Baby Spinach – These delicate and nutritious green leaves are delicious sautéed in olive oil with a hint of lemon or fresh in a salad with a light dressing.

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I grow lots of salad greens and herbs in my garden. It feels so good to bringing fresh organic goodies from my garden to the table. Having a vegetable garden has been so great. I love summer!

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Do you have a garden? What’s growing in your garden?


  1. Paula

    Vera, you have such a nice garden! I was wondering if it is possible to stop by some day to take a look at your garden and get some ideas as I want to grow a big garden next year?

    1. Post author

      Thank you Paula! I know very little about gardening. I learn as I go, by trial and error. Pinterest is a good source of ideas and information. Good luck!

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